Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Watch Here! RBreezy Babes Charisse Galang and Toni Fowler Prank Jamaica Imperio by Doing This Shocking Thing!

Warning: The following video contains sexual themes unsuitable for minors. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Despite the controversy surrounding this popular yet divisive Facebook page, RBreezy is still up and going strong.

Indeed, as their new Facebook page touts in the About section 

“R-Breezy Facebook Page is a viral media production that creates, collects and passes on to you only the latest, funniest and most shareable content on the internet. Whether it’s viral videos, memes, Events or trending stories in the Philippines and other parts of the World, R-Breezy got you covered.”

And indeed, a video has gone viral featuring the lascivious antics of the RBreezy Babes.

Charisse Galang AKAPapi” shared a video of her and RBreezy Babe Toni Fowler pranking fellow Jamaica Imperio AKA “Hypa”.

In the video, Papi and Toni were seen messing with Hypa by invading her private areas as she was applying her makeup. At first she was riding the joke, but as the two girls became more crazy that’s when Hypa was getting more annoyed at them.

Hypa even slapped Papi when their rough-housing caused her to misapply her eyebrows.

As seen in the video, it was clear that there was an obvious line on Hypa’s forehead.